James Story

I had problems with my sight from a young age but after having my cataract operation when I was 18 it seemed to be ok. In 2002, I suered a detached retina and was registered partially sighted. In 2003 I was registered blind. It felt like my world had been turned upside down overnight. I stopped leaving the house and seeing my friends, I couldn’t work and I obviously had to give up driving – something I loved.

I was then introduced to Galloway’s Society for the Blind. After some persuasion I agreed to try their outdoor pursuits programme and then subscribed to their Talking Newspaper service. It was due to the support and positive approach of Galloway’s that my whole attitude to sight loss changed forever. I met some amazing people that really inspired me and taught me that nothing was impossible. Ten years on and I feel like I have more confidence than before I lost my vision.

I started volunteering for Galloway’s and last year I was successful in gaining work in their Talking Newspaper team. I was excited to be back in paid employment again and really enjoy my new job. We send out a range of publications to over 7000 blind and partially sighted people around the country. We have some lovely feedback from our readers and it’s great to know that I am helping other visually impaired people enjoy everyday things that others can take for granted and that make such a dierence to their lives.

James Coulton