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Andrea's Story

As the daughter of someone living with sight loss, I wanted to ask you to support Galloway’s and explain why it is crucial, now more than ever. Dad has age-related macular degeneration - sub retinal neovascularisation in both eyes. He copes very well but can’t read, see photos, screens, facial features etc. Consequently he loves the radio and his audio books.

Dad attends Galloway’s meetings in between caring full time for mum. He loves his chats in the Morecambe coffee shop, Brew Me Sunshine, and had been excited about the Galloway’s driving experience which coincidentally had fallen on his 90th birthday. Imagine, being able to drive a car – and an electric one!


Dad was so excited, so I rang Galloway’s and chatted with Sight Loss Advisor Pam, who gave me hints and tips to help dad. Dad enjoyed chatting with a volunteer called Don in Brew Me Sunshine who recommended voice recorders, a simple phone system and a ‘Penfriend.’ Of course, he was able to speak about these items from personal experience, which is the best sort of recommendation.


Sadly, due to the Coronavirus lockdown, dad’s driving day (read more here) could not take place and he spent his 90th birthday at home in isolation instead of with family, and missing out on the thrill of driving again. His visits to Brew Me Sunshine for support are on hold, and on top of this, we were struggling to find online food delivery for him and mum.

Richard & Grandaughter Meryl

Galloway’s has been absolutely marvellous in the way that they have supported dad.

We are all experiencing unprecedented times, but at a time in their lives when mum and dad need more support than ever, they are forced into isolation. Pam now phones dad to touch base, offers to drop off provisions and provides details of local support networks. From this, my sister finally sorted food delivery for dad and mum and when she told me, her words were “What a relief!”  Those words sum it up for families like ours. It is a relief. It means a great deal to dad too, who, whilst never complaining about his enforced isolation, must be feeling particularly anxious and vulnerable


Knowing that there is support for mum and dad is amazing - such a comfort. 


To ensure that families like mine carry on getting this support during lockdown and in the future, we must support Galloway’s now. We must ensure contact for vulnerable people from specialist Sight Loss Advisors to make sure they feel remembered and valued. It is a difficult and uncertain time for so many of us, but any amount of financial support you can spare makes such a difference. I hope that you can help by supporting Galloway’s to ensure they are always there for people like my dad through difficult times and beyond. 


Andrea Nelson

Can you help?

Galloway’s is ensuring that we still provide essential services to people who are visually impaired during the Coronavirus pandemic, but our Sight Loss Advisors cannot continue this level of support without further funding. Together we can make sure this vital support continues. Any donation you can spare will go towards continuing the phone and web support we are delivering whilst lockdown is in force to people with sight loss who otherwise may have no one checking on their wellbeing. You can donate by clicking the link below - thank you