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Great things never came from comfort zones.
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Build Back Better is a root and branch project we hope will shape the future of our charity and the people we serve.
It is built on the belief that the most dangerous phrase in any organisation is "we've always done it that way"
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This is an exciting opportunity for us to map out our future together. 

Stuart Clayton: CEO Galloway's

What is Build Back Better?

During lockdown, we saw the need to adapt quickly and our new ways of delivering services have been incredibly popular and crucial to those who need them.

As we enter a new normal, this is now an opportunity for us to build on our existing successes and come back stronger and better than before.

So, we are excited to announce that we are beginning a new journey and exploring how we Build Back Better.

This is your chance to have a say on what matters to you the most. As we are not anticipating that we will return to “business as usual” for quite some time, we want to take this opportunity to review everything that we do so that we can provide the services people tell us they want.

How long will we be doing this?

To get your views and opinions, we will be asking for feedback through online questionnaires, holding one to one conversations with over a hundred people and running a series of online polls over the next few months.

We want your opinions on all aspects, from services and volunteering, to how we raise money to support all our services. We also want your thoughts on how we communicate with you. How could we improve our support? Would there be any new services that you would find useful? Do you have any ideas to help us reach people who need us the most? So we have set up a dedicated email address and would love to hear from you with any feedback.

This is an opportunity for us to map out our future together. This is an opportunity to explore new concepts, new initiatives and talk about what is working and what isn’t.

Keep checking our Build Back Better page as we provide further updates on this exciting project.

This is just the beginning.With your help, we can Build Back Better.

Project Videos.

I heard about Galloway’s through word of mouth. The first time I came into the Morecambe centre I was thrilled. What a marvellous service you offer and everyone was very helpful. We usually visit every 3 months and are eager to visit soon to try out some special sunglasses"

Carer for 2 ladies with sight loss

I live locally and am a Galloway’s volunteer so I’m familiar with the fantastic services Galloway’s provides. I talk to my friends about Galloway’s and one came along to do voluntary work as well. I think it’s a fantastic cause and donate when I can.

Doreen Silverwood, Galloway’s supporter

It took me a while to get the confidence to call Galloway’s after losing some vision. When I did the moral support I got was the most important thing. Chatting through what I had succeeded to do gave me confidence.  and I learned how to get out. I walked the moors this summer and learned to look ahead and not at my feet and in my head I was running


I got in touch with Galloway’s when I was recovering from my stroke. My sight is restricted on one side and my memory is affected. I keep in touch with Galloway’s through the newsletters which I read as they are useful. I would like a phone call to keep in touch every few months


Get involved.