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Galloway's is a breath of fresh air

Marion missed being able to enjoy the great outdoors until she signed up for Get Active with Galloway's

My Story...

I signed up for the Galloway's Get Active programme and it  has been an important part of me being able to keep fit, meet friends and improve my mental health.


Marion says “Everything about Galloway’s is good. Knowing I can get out and have a day with friends and be seen safely back to my door makes all the difference. I think that if you don’t go to groups like those at Galloway’s then you can think you’re the only person in the world with this problem. I think you could end up feeling very sorry for yourself if you tried to do this alone. Galloway’s takes you out of yourself and you learn to share your problems and have a laugh.”

£40 could pay for a place on our Get Active Programme for someone like Marion, helping them to live a a healthy life, meeting new friends and reducing isolation

Just £40.

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