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Lucy's Story

Lucy is grateful for the support of Glen, Eye Clinic Liaison Officer at Galloway’s. She credits Glen for helping to save her job after she developed an eye condition, as she feared she would lose her job and end up homeless.

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Without Glen’s expertise and explanation, I could have had my employment terminated and he has helped me go through the process emotionally.

Lucy noticed changes in her vision and after being referred to the eye clinic at Royal Preston Hospital, she was diagnosed with having a cataract in her eye. After it was removed, she went for an eye test and was informed she had developed a cataract in her other eye which the specialist could not operate on.


“I didn’t realise the impact it had on my vision whilst at work, until I was getting into trouble. My eyes were not working together so things moved about when I was reading. When I was copying down the rota for work, the words in the date boxes moved, so I was making mistakes. As a result, I would not turn up for work. I was getting into trouble and had to go before a disciplinary hearing. I had a hospital appointment the day before the hearing but it was cancelled. I was sitting at the hospital crying. I needed a medical diagnosis there and then.

“No one could help me.”


“A lovely nurse took me to see Glen, who was really approachable. He wrote to my employer detailing my eye condition which helped to extend my probation and saved my job. That email was a gift from heaven. Without Glen’s expertise and explanation, I could have had my employment terminated and he has helped me go through the process emotionally.

“I know that I have got a supportive voice in Glen.”

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Without the support our team offer, Lucy and many other people living with sight loss could be left feeling alone and hopeless in a very scary situation. It is thanks to the unbelievable amount of generosity given to Galloway's each year from our supporters that allows our services to continue for people just like Lucy.

Any support you can offer to Galloway’s will ensure that our services continue into the future and ensure that our staff, like Glen, are there from the point of diagnosis for someone with an eye condition and throughout their journey, wherever that takes them.

Wishing you a very happy summer.

Stuart Clayton, CEO of Galloway's

(Lucy's name has been changed to protect anonymity).

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What is the Eye Clinic Liaison service?

The Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) service ensures we can provide you with even more practical and emotional support for your diagnosis.

A word from Paula, our new Eye Clinic Liaison Officer on the services she and Glen provide. You can read more about the ECLO service and how to get help and advice here.

“Being told you have a sight condition or there are no treatment options can be very upsetting. But I strongly believe early intervention and support from an ECLO can have a huge positive impact if you are experiencing this.  Many people have so many questions or just need to take in what they have been told. As ECLOs, we have the time to listen and talk through any queries that you may have regarding your condition or treatment options.”

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From March 2020 to April 2021 our Eye Clinic Liaison Officers had 883 interactions with people facing sight loss conditions. Any donation you can spare can help to keep our vital services available to local people.