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A Cuppa with Commons...

Speaker of the House of Commons, Lindsey Hoyle, leaves lasting impact during a visit to Galloway's

Recently Galloway's had the privilege of hosting a very special guest, Lindsey Hoyle, the Speaker of the House of Commons. During his time with Galloway's, Lindsey Hoyle engaged in meaningful conversations with service users, taking the time to understand their unique experiences and challenges. It was a fantastic opportunity for individuals to open up, share their stories, and express their perspectives, leaving a lasting impact on all involved. His personal touch made the visit memorable, creating an environment where individuals felt valued and heard.

Chelsea Crossey, the Communication Manager at Galloway's said:

"Having Lindsey Hoyle visit Galloway's was absolutely fantastic! He really cared about our service users and their experiences. The visit sparked countless conversations that brought people together and created a safe space for everyone to speak their minds. We're already looking forward to welcoming Lindsey back for another cup of tea and chat!"

The visit proved successful, leaving a memorable mark on all those involved. The team at Galloway's is already counting down the days until Lindsey Hoyle's return so they can once again sit together, share stories, and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

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