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Bringing colourful comfort to newborns in Preston...

Galloway's 'Knit and Natter' group creates rainbow blankets for newborns at Preston Hospital.

Photo 1 (L-R): [Joanna Allitt, (Fundraising Manager for the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Charity), and Cathy North, (Galloway’s Volunteer)

The Maternity Unit at Royal Preston Hospital reached out for help because they didn't have enough blankets to give to the 'rainbow babies'—those special little ones born after the loss of another. Responding to this call, our dedicated knitters of Galloway's weekly 'Knit and Natter' group stepped up and created a collection of colourful rainbow blankets, ready to be delivered to the hospital.

Established in January 2023, Galloway's ‘Knit and Natter’ group is a weekly gathering of local individuals affected by sight loss who all share a common interest in knitting and crocheting. Many group members were keen knitters before experiencing sight loss, and the regular gatherings have played a crucial role in rebuilding their confidence and fostering a sense of connection. These weekly meet-ups not only provide an opportunity for people to engage in their beloved hobby but also serve as a means to reduce isolation and create a supportive community network.

Cathy North, Galloway’s Volunteer said: “It’s really nice that the people coming to the group can reconnect with knitting, with the support of Galloway's and produce something wonderful to support another charity like Baby Beat.”

Joanna Allitt, Fundraising Manager for the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Charity, said “We’re really grateful to the Galloway's knitters for their beautiful colourful blankets. It’s also incredibly rewarding to collaborate with another local charity, making a difference together within the local community.

Joseph Gardiner, Volunteer Lead at Galloway's said “Our Knitting and Crochet Club has really taken off this year. The group is run by a dedicated team of volunteers who work alongside service users to create beautiful throws, blankets, and all kinds of wonderful creations. You can really sense the community spirit when you meet the group, and it's heart-warming to hear them helping each other with advice and tips they've picked up from their wealth of experience.”

For more information on Galloway's and the various support services available, or to learn how you can become a volunteer call 01772 744148.

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