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Build Back Better Discovery: Feedback from people who support Galloway's

Photo shows Charlotte and Terry wearing white Galloway's T-shirts and holding orange and white Galloway's balloons. Charlotte is also holding an orange collection  tin and Terry is holding a yellow collection bucket
Supporting Galloway's. This is a promotional photo and is no indication of who took part in the survey

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed towards the discovery phase of our Build Back Better project. We really do value what you have to say, as it will help us shape our future.

As part of the consultation, we have spoken to a number of people who support us through various ways, through volunteering, fundraising, donating or sharing our messages.

Here is just a selection of some of their comments:

"I mainly give to Galloway’s because I volunteer there and I see what they do. I think it’s a fantastic cause and I donate when I can."

(Doreen, Galloway’s volunteer and supporter)

"My mother-in-law passed away at the age of 104. Going to Galloway’s in Chorley was the highlight of her week. Our gift was a thank you for this help for her."

(Anonymous supporter)

"I’ve always thought going blind would be horrible. I have done the Morecambe Bay Walk every year since 2010 to raise support for Galloway’s."

(Dave, Galloway’s supporter)

"As a GP, I’ve had patients who used Galloway’s services. I tell social prescribers based in GP practices about the services you offer and what resources are available.”

(Anne, Galloway’s supporter)

"I live in Preston and was always aware of Galloway’s presence. I’ve seen people form Galloway’s collecting in the town centre and always give to them. I have also done the Morecambe Bay Walk and I responded to the urgent appeal for virus-related work."

(Craig, Galloway’s supporter)

"Galloway’s gave me a T-shirt when I did the Morecambe Bay Walk. It’s pink and I don’t wear pink, but I do wear this, and it starts conversations. It’s a good way to publicise the work."

(Anonymous supporter)

For feedback from family members and carers of people who use our services, visit:

To watch and listen to our videos of feedback from trustees and people who use our services, visit:

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