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Celebrating Success of our 'Mind Their Sight' Project...

We're excited to announce the success of our 'Mind Their Sight' project. Over the past year, this initiative has significantly impacted local residents living with sight loss and multiple health challenges, including anxiety and high blood pressure. A special thank you to Spring North who generously funded over £43,000 to deliver this project from the ICB Lancashire and South Cumbria Community Fund.

'Mind Their Sight' focused on the five ways to wellbeing. Through targeted support, peer interactions, social opportunities, and essential tools like supported signposting and lifestyle screening, we aimed to enhance participants' mental health and overall wellbeing.

This project included opportunities such as Tai Chi and QiGong classes and a mindfulness course. These unique opportunities, specifically tailored for individuals with sight loss, offered gentle and effective ways to improve physical health, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being. Participants found these particularly beneficial for managing anxiety and high blood pressure.

The project's impact is best reflected in the words of our service users. At the end of the project celebration event, Val shared her experience: "This project has made such a difference in my life. It helped me live in the moment, enjoy life more, understand my feelings, and significantly reduce my anxiety. The mindfulness course, in particular, has been incredible, helping me stay active and calm."

The success of 'Mind Their Sight' highlights the importance of addressing the complex needs of people with sight loss. Galloways remains committed to supporting the community and exploring future projects to enhance the lives of the people we serve. For more information email or call 01772 744148148

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