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Community unites to support 'Brew Me Sunshine' after devastating break-in...

The true spirit of the community shines through as Galloway's, witnesses an outpouring of support following a devastating break-in at its social enterprise café, 'Brew Me Sunshine’. The café, vital in supporting the community and funding the charity's initiatives, suffered extensive damage and losses. Still, the community's overwhelming response has given hope for rebuilding and reopening.

The incident occurred on 28/07/23, leaving the café with broken equipment, stolen cash and damaged stock. The break-in is a heavy blow to Galloway's, creating challenges to our continued provision of essential services to those in need.

The charity is humbled by its support from individuals, local businesses, and volunteers. The community's spirit has been evident in numerous ways, from heartfelt messages of encouragement to offers of assistance in any way possible.

Hasanga Parkinson - Head Of Central Services and Finance, said "Brew Me Sunshine' is more than just a café; it is a hub for connections, friendship, and support. Beyond offering food and drink, the café offers employment and volunteering opportunities to the local community as well and any surpluses donated back to Galloway's, making a real difference in the lives of many.

The generosity and compassion we have witnessed highlight the special bond we share with the community we serve. With their support, we are confident that 'Brew Me Sunshine' will soon be back to serving the community."

The target reopening date for 'Brew Me Sunshine' is 02/08/2023 and Galloway's is committed to resuming its vital work supporting local people affected by sight loss. For those who wish to support Galloway's and 'Brew Me Sunshine,' please contact Hasanga Parkinson on 01772 744148

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