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Fun at the water park!

Four people wearing helmets, blue jackets and red water jackets sat in water by some rocks
Ghyll scrambling

Members of the Galloway’s Get Active group had a blast during two separate residential trips to Water Park Lakeland Adventure Centre in Coniston.

The two groups pushed themselves to achieve more and enjoyed reconnecting with old friends, as well as making new friends.

They enjoyed activities such as canoeing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, walking, climbing and ghyll scrambling, and in the evenings they all joined together by the camp fire.

James Coulton, Get Active Co-ordinator, said: “We took two separate groups to enjoy a week of outdoor activities and challenge them to try new experiences.

“Everyone had a great time, pushing themselves to achieve more and reconnecting with new and old friends.

“We were also very fortunate to take a few new attendees to the waterpark during the second visit. It was great to meet them and see how much they progressed over the week.”

Here is some feedback from the group:

“I had a good time and I am proud of myself for pushing myself today.”

“It’s been a fantastic week, meeting so many lovely people and enjoying the multi activities on site.

I’ve enjoyed every minute.”

“Thank you again James and to the volunteers. I had a fabulous time where I was challenged through the activities, which I thoroughly enjoyed and couldn’t get enough of. I’ve chatted endlessly to my family about it all. Please reserve me a place for all future water parks events so I can be reunited with my intrepid new buddies.”

“I have to say a great big thank you to all the people who also went on the activity week with me. Thank you for all of you for your help because without your support I wouldn’t have got through the week.

And of course I cannot forget Margaret who guided me on such wonderful mystery tours around the water park. I have just loved this trip. You have made it such a special trip for me thank you everyone.”

“Can I say what a wonderful exciting week I have had at the water park. Thank you so much for including me. This was the best time. The group was so helpful, so supportive and the instructors were first class. We are having our own little WhatsApp group so that we can keep in touch with each other because we have enjoyed our company so much.”

“Had an amazing week with Galloway’s thanks to the support of their wonderful staff and volunteers and the centre’s brilliant instructors who made it possible.”

"Thank you so much James and without you organising this ,we wouldn’t have such a wonderful week of exciting activities really push us to the limits. Who would believe that so many visually impaired people could be on the lake sailing and kayaking at one time? Thank you and of course all the wonderful wonderful truly sensational staff at the waterpark centre."

“It is fantastic to come up here and try all these things that we would not normally get a chance to do. It has been a massive boost to my confidence which took a dive during Covid.”

“My highlights were taking on the challenge of ghyll scrambling again and loving every minute of it after I’d said never again when I did it two years ago as I felt so nervous.

Nights were spent by the campfire with good friends, old and new and I’m already looking forward to the next one.”

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Unknown member
Sep 25, 2021

This is quite interesting.

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