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Galloway’s delivers visual awareness training at a Preston primary school (pre lockdown)

Photo shows Stuart (standing) and James (sitting) at the front of the assembly hall. Stuart is demonstrating a piece of equipment. To the left of him is a bench, with visual tools. Stuart is stood behind a red cone. There are also red and blue cones 2m in front of him.
James and Stuart at St Stephen's C of E School

Youngsters at a Preston school were given a lesson in looking after their eyes and keeping their classrooms tidy during a visual awareness session.

Stuart Walpole and James Coulton from sight loss charity Galloway’s talked to pupils at St Stephen’s C of E Primary School about what it means to lose your vision.

The visit took place last month, before the national lockdown.

The pupils also saw a variety of equipment which people with sight loss use to make their lives more independent and learnt about Braille.

Emma Booth, class teacher, said: “We selected Galloway’s as our class charity, as we discussed the importance of keeping the classroom tidy to enable everyone to move around safely.

“We talked about previous class charities we have raised money for over the years and the children decided they wanted to help people with sight loss.

“Two staff members from Galloway’s visited us for a socially distanced talk, where children learnt about the importance of looking after their eyes.

“The children enjoyed learning about the gadgets people with sight loss used, saw them being used in action and were thrilled to receive their own pair of sunglasses.

“We will continue as a class to raise awareness of Galloway’s, as it is a fantastic charity which helps people within our school.”

Photo shows 6 pupils wearing navy blue stood in a line facing the camera, smiling and holding their collection boxes
Pupils with their collection boxes

Pupils took home collection boxes to donate small change. A final total will be calculated by the end of the Christmas term.

Stuart Walpole, Community Sight Loss Advisor at Galloway’s, said: “Whenever restrictions allow, we are always happy to visit schools and other community organisations to discuss the work we do and raise awareness of the importance of good eye health. We really appreciate the school’s support and look forward to hearing about their amazing fundraising efforts.”

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