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Galloway's joins global tech support team Be My Eyes to bring visual support to more people

Sight loss charity Galloway’s is partnering up with global technological support team Be My Eyes to communicate with blind and partially sighted people across Lancashire and Sefton.

(Watch a video below, supplied by Be My Eyes, with an intro and outro by Galloway's).

Joining companies such as Google, Microsoft, Lloyds, P&G, as well as the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), Galloway’s has been added to the Be My Eyes Specialised Help app, enabling more visually impaired people to live independently.

Through the use of a video call, the sight loss advisors at Galloway’s will support people with: • Independent Living – Providing visual assistance to help identify items such as cooking instructions, sell by dates and reading your mail. • Problem solving and tips – Offering friendly advice around lighting, adaptions to the home and making appliances easier to use, tricks and tips that will help people stay independent. • Products support – There are a range of specialist products that Galloway’s can recommend that will help people keep living independently. Sight loss advisors can help individuals with products that have been specifically designed for blind and partially sighted people and make recommendations that will help them find the best solutions. • Technology support – Answer questions or problems people may be experiencing with their Smart Phone, Tablet, smart speaker or computer. • Referrals and signposting – If anyone requires further support, the Galloway’s team can point people in the right direction and connect them with local services that can help, which is particularly useful following the Coronavirus. The charity’s addition to the Be My Eyes Specialised Help app is just one of the innovative ways it is using accessible technology to reach more people with sight loss across the region. It follows the launch of Galloway’s Alexa Skill last month, aiming to bring a range of audio services to people in their own homes through an Alexa-enabled device.

Photo shows a phone screen with two tins of food
Get visual support for food labels

Andrew Coleman, assistive technology co-ordinator at Galloway’s, said: “We are so pleased to

announce a new partnership that improves Galloway's services, now allowing you to call a sight loss advisor directly through Be My Eyes Specialised Help. “This means that anyone with sight loss who needs support from Galloway’s can now initiate a video call directly through the Be My Eyes app and have their call routed simultaneously to one of our sight loss advisors. This has come at a crucial time when blind and partially sighted people are feeling even more isolated following current lockdown measures in relation to the Coronavirus. “You can download the app from the App Store and the Play Store, by locating Galloway's in the Specialised Help menu. Then you can make the call – your sight loss advisors are ready and waiting.”

Be My Eye logo shows a circle with black lines, like eye lashes, coming out of the circle
Be My Eyes

Will Butler, vice president of community at Be My Eyes, said: “It’s always a pleasure to work with organisations who serve visually impaired people, especially when they are as enthusiastic, tech-forward and responsive to people’s needs as the team at Galloway’s. We are thrilled to welcome them and everyone in the region to call upon this free service when they need it.”

Now with almost 4 million users and a growing family of company partners, Be My Eyes is one of the largest “micro-volunteering” platforms in the world – with more than 3.5 million volunteers on call at all times to assist those who need an extra pair of eyes at short notice.

To get in touch with sight loss advisors at Galloway’s, call 01772 744148.

To find out more about Be My Eyes, email

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