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Galloway's launches its first ever digital Super Summer Draw

Graphic shows Super Summer Draw in bold letters on top of a yellow upside down triangle. An ice lolly is positioned to the left and right. Galloway's logo to the left. Background is pale pink
Galloway's Super Summer Draw

As a thank you for all your support, we are inviting you to take part in our Super Summer Draw, where you could win up to £250.

This is a great way of us raising much needed funds during a very difficult period for charities, whilst also adding a bit of excitement by having the opportunity to win some cash prizes.

This is also the first time Galloway’s have ever held a raffle through a digital platform.

It is a faster and easier way of us selling tickets in the hope that we can attract more people to support our wonderful cause and make the process more flexible for those who prefer to do things online.

Tickets can be purchased online at or for traditional paper ticket purchases, call us on 01772 744148.

We would love supporters to use the platform to buy their raffle tickets for the Super Summer Draw and let us know what they think of the process – it’s great to have the Galloway’s community on board!

We are also sending out our Galloway’s Summer Appeal to our supporters, service users and volunteers who have opted into receiving mailings. This year, we have a moving story from a lady who says our ECLO service supported her at a time when she really needed answers to save her job. The story is available online too at

We have also published The Eye newsletter which can be read online at

Please note, the online version may not be accessible for screen readers etc.

But if you would like to receive a hard copy of the newsletter, please contact us on 01772 744148 and we will happily send one out to you.

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