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Here is a list of Christmas gifts to buy someone who is blind or partially sighted

Digital talking watch with stopwatch. This watch comes with a digital display with numbers measuring one centimetre
Digital talking watch

You are never too old for a Christmas list and here at Galloway’s, we have come up with our top 10 gift list of useful aids to either treat yourself, or a loved one who is visually impaired.

If you are struggling to get to the doctors for basic appointments, these first two gift ideas will come in handy.

1. Talking ear and forehead thermometer

This talking thermometer measures your temperature from either your forehead or ear and announces the reading in a synthetic female American voice, in either degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The thermometer will store up to 30 sets of temperatures, for a maximum of 30 days. The thermometer will also speak room temperature and the current time if prompted.

· Sighted assistance may be required for initial set-up of the thermometer.

· Requires two AAA batteries - included and already fitted in place.

RNIB product code DH440

£29.99 incl VAT

2. Beurer BM49 talking blood pressure monitor

This fully-automatic, talking blood pressure monitor for the upper arm speaks in four languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese or Greek), to provide your blood pressure and your pulse rate per minute.

The monitor has a large, easy-to-see display with a blue LCD backlight. It stores the average of all measured morning and evening blood pressure values for the last seven days.

This blood pressure monitor can detect existing cardiac arrhythmia. It has an automatic switch off function, a signal in case of application error, battery changing indicator, blood pressure passport and a practical storage pouch included.

Please note:

· The measurements are for your information only – they are not a substitute for a medical examination. You may need to discuss measurements with your doctor and never base any medical decisions on them, for example, medication and its administration.

· Initial set-up may require assistance from a sighted person.

· Requires four AA batteries (included).

RNIB product code DH404.

£44.99 incl VAT

Beurer GS39 glass talking bathroom scale
Beurer GS39 glass talking bathroom scale

3. Beurer GS39 glass talking bathroom scale

This Beurer scale not only speaks your weight but can remember the last measurement of up to four people.

This scale can announce your weight in five languages and has adjustable volume (including silent mode). In English mode, it will convert between kilos, pounds and stones.

The scale has a large standing surface measuring 28 × 34cm and made of safety glass. The easy-to-read LCD digital display has a large digit size (33mm) and shows which user profile you are accessing. The display and profile buttons are also highlighted with blue light.

Tap the scale firmly with your foot to turn it on (it will automatically switch itself off after use).

· Requires three AAA batteries (included).

RNIB product code DH433


4. Digital talking watch with stopwatch

This watch comes with a digital display with numbers measuring one centimetre. It announces the time and date in a synthetic female, American voice. With four separate alarms, this watch is ideal for reminding you to take your medication. It also features a talking calendar, stopwatch and optional hourly time announcement.

RNIB Product code: CW92

£11.99 (inc VAT)

Photo shows a blue large print  Scrabble board, The letter spell out tree, help, eel, spruce, clue, que and hue
Large print Scrabble

5. Large print Scrabble

The board has large squares with pegs at each corner, so the tiles sit securely in place, and enhanced colours to make it much easier to read. Using the built-in stand, you can easily rotate the board to face you on your turn.

Each plastic tile measures 2.4cm square and the bold black letters are super clear in 16 point.

· Suitable for two to four players

· Board size: 37 x 37 x 2.5 cm.

RNIB Product Code: GB92

£32.50 – sale price

6. SockSnaps

Use SockSnaps to keep socks together all the way through the wash and until they are safely back in the sock drawer.

· Pack of 20 pairing disks.

· Simple design and easy to use.

· Washing machine- and tumble dryer-safe.

· Four mixed colours; white, green, turquoise and grey.

RNIB Product code: DK190


7. Large print with braille playing cards – blue

Pack of large print playing cards embossed in uncontracted braille, with the denomination and suit at the top left and bottom right corners.

· Cards are marked in braille as follows: D Diamond, X Club, S Spade, K Heart and L Joker.

· Card size: 6.3 × 8.8cm (2.48 × 3.46 inches).

· Back cover colour: Blue (also available in red – GC11R).

RNIB Product code: GC11U

£11.99 (inc VAT)

8. Jumbo print easy crosswords - book 6

This large print crossword book contains 125 easy crosswords with large print solutions in the back. These puzzles are designed to help relieve eye strain.

Each puzzle takes up two pages, so the clues and numbers in the boxes are easier to see.

Please note:

· This puzzle book contains American spellings and refers to American geography and culture.

· Puzzles are easy, not cryptic.

RNIB Product code: PZ008


All of these products described above are available from the RNIB shop,

To guarantee delivery in time for Christmas, all orders for stock items must be received by midnight Monday 14 December (subject to the product being in stock).

Orders for special order products and non-stock items must be placed by midnight on Monday 7 December to guarantee delivery for Christmas. Please note that the Christmas deadline for special order canes and tips has passed.

9. Motion Sensor Night Light, aimed at preventing falls

Battery operated bright motions sensor LED light, ideal for preventing falls when getting up in the night and much more.

It is designed to help visually impaired people see things clearer and help people see better when getting up in the night.

It also helps you see inside a wardrobe, in a cabinet, kitchen cupboard, medicine cabinet etc.

It has 9 Bright LED Lights and is activated when darkness and movement is detected. It is wall mountable, with screw holes pre-drilled and there are adhesive sticky tabs

It is adjustable to any angle – Swivel 360° and requires 3 AA batteries – not included.

This is available from by calling 03300 10 14 18

SKU number SKU: 6571.

From £14.34 inc VAT

10. Plug Pullers

Ever struggled to pull a plug out of a socket? These 10 x plug pullers make it easy to remove & pull plugs, especially for those with Arthritis or grip problems. Includes sticky labels, coloured dots and a pen to label / identify plugs.

This is available from by calling 03300 10 14 18.

SKU number: 3311

£7.95 incl VAT

If you would like more information on these products, you can call one of our sight loss advisors on 01772 744148.

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