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Join our acoustic shooting club for visually impaired people in Blackburn

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Lynn is holding a rifle pointing towards the target. Will is stood next to her, spotting the laser light
Shooter Lynn Williams with Galloway's volunteer Will Bamford

You don't need your sight when shooting with Blackburn Acoustic Rifle Club.

Members of the club, who are all visually impaired, go shooting every Wednesday at Blackburn and Rifle Pistol Club, Audley Hall Mill, from 11am until 2pm, and would love you to join them.

The group, supported by sight loss charity Galloway's, is also looking for sighted volunteers to act as spotters.

The shooting uses a combination of sound and light on the target. The light feeds an audible signal to the shooter through headphones, giving a high pitch tone when close to the target.

Brendan Ahern, Galloway’s volunteer and range conducting officer, said: “The club gives people more independence and confidence. Everyone has a lot of fun and it is a great friendly atmosphere. I would really encourage volunteers to join as you can make a real difference to people’s lives.”

Mike is at the front holding a rifle. Behind him is another man holding a rifle
Mike Wright getting ready to shoot

Mike Wright, 56, of Crosby, who is registered blind with a congenital eye condition, has been a member of the club for nine years.

He said: “I enjoy shooting and I find it very relaxing. When I speak with sighted people, one of the first things they say is ‘how can you shoot when you can’t see what you are aiming at,’ but then I explain how we do it with sound.

“If you are blind or partially sighted and have never been able to shoot I would push anyone to give it a go.”

If any blind or partially sighted people want to attend the group or act as a volunteer, on Wednesdays, call James on 01772 744148 or email

Blackburn and Rifle Pistol Club is also happy to accommodate visually impaired shooters on an individual basis at other times, subject to availability.

If anyone who is not visually impaired wants more information on the club, visit or email

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