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Lancashire businesses embark on Galloways Challenge to support sight loss...

In a remarkable display of community solidarity, local businesses in Lancashire are gearing up for the Galloways Challenge, a Corporate Fundraising initiative to support individuals facing sight loss challenges across Lancashire. The initiative promises not only excitement but a profound impact on the lives of those within our community.


GXO Logistics, has stepped forward as a generous sponsor of the Galloways Challenge. Their commitment ensures that each participating business receives a £50 boost towards their fundraising efforts. From lively fundraisers to engaging community events, businesses plan to generate funds that will make a meaningful difference to locals navigating sight loss challenges.


Participants of the Challenge have the unique opportunity to engage in an array of charity events, including the exhilarating fire walk and the dynamic "It's a Knockout" competition, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact within the community.


Kelly Love, Corporate Fundraiser at Galloways, said "We're thrilled to see local businesses rally for our Corporate Challenge. This challenge invites businesses to showcase their community spirit and create a tangible difference for those in our community facing sight loss challenges."


Businesses are taking the lead in organising and hosting events that resonate with their teams and communities. The goal extends beyond fundraising; it is about establishing genuine community connections and supporting those navigating sight loss challenges.


For businesses interested in participating in the Galloways Challenge, contact Kelly Love at or call 01772 744148.

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