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The proposed closure of train ticket offices by the government has raised concerns within the blind and partially sighted community. Galloway's urge train operators to consider the needs of this community and encourage active participation in the public consultation.

As a sight loss charity working tirelessly to support individuals across Lancashire and Sefton, we at Galloway's are deeply concerned about the government's recent plans to close train ticket offices across the country. Understandly the proposals have sparked worry within the blind and partially sighted community, as they could have a significant impact on people with visual impairments.

Our CEO Iain Pearson, expressed his concerns about the closure of ticket offices and said: "Train operators are painting a rosy picture in regards to the proposed closure of ticket offices and how this would improve the customer experience. In respect of blind and partially sighted passengers, I truly hope this is the case and that people with disabilities are not marginalised as a result. It is well documented that accessible transport is a significant barrier for visually impaired people and can have a substantial effect on overall health and wellbeing. In particular, train stations are notoriously difficult to navigate. I urge the train operators to listen to the views of people with lived experience as part of their decision making process. I also urge blind and partially sighted people to submit their views as part of the public consultation.”

Additionally, Lynn Rennison a Galloway's service user shared her worries about the possible impact of the planned closure. She said: "This decision is taking away my independence because it's not just about buying the ticket. The staff at the ticket office go above and beyond, helping me find my way to the platform, making me feel safe, and giving me the confidence to remain active and get out and about, and remain social despite living with sight loss."

To ensure that the concerns and needs of the blind and partially sighted community are given due consideration, we at Galloway's strongly urge individuals with visual impairments to participate in the public consultation. By sharing your views, you can play an instrumental role in shaping the future of accessible transportation and ensuring that our voices are heard. Visit this link to have your say.

Galloway's will always be here to support blind and partially sighted individuals, empowering them to live independently, gain confidence, and actively participate in society. For more information call 01772 744148

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