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Peter Gould is awarded for his help in developing the Galloway's Alexa Skill

Peter Gould with his award

Galloway’s wants to say a big congratulations to Peter Gould, who has been nominated for BBC North West Tonight’s Everyday Hero Award.

Peter, from Chorley, was a key player in helping the sight loss charity launch its Alexa Skill in March, providing accessible news to a much bigger audience, and it was this work which earned him the award.

The 29-year-old, who is a senior tester at the BBC, offered his expertise as part of his interest in helping blind and partially sighted people use technology.

The Alexa Skill provides up to date information on the services Galloway’s provides, as well as its Talking Newspapers, and its own audio publication, The Galloway’s Eye.

Peter said: "I was over the moon to be nominated for an Everyday Hero Award from BBC North West Tonight. “I developed the skill with the Galloway’s team in my own time as a learning opportunity while also helping a great local charity. “During these uncertain times, I'm pleased people living with sight loss can continue to enjoy Talking Newspapers through the Alexa Skill. “Once we have seen the back of Coronavirus, it will be exciting to see people being able to use the skill in other ways, such as finding out information about Galloway's events and services. “I look forward to continuing to work with Galloway's to keep the skill relevant and exciting."

For more information about the Galloway’s Alexa Skill visit

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