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Running with heart... our Hasanga’s unforgettable marathon journey...

Join our Galloway's 2024 running team and experience an incredible journey that challenges you physically while supporting the lives of local people affected by sight loss.

We'd like to introduce you to Hasanga, a dedicated senior leadership team member who experienced the magic of the London Marathon. With a heart as big as the marathon itself, Hasanga always wanted to take on this challenge to make an even greater difference at Galloway's.

Training for the marathon was undoubtedly tough. Hasanga faced challenges that made her question her limits. But you know what? Every single ache, pain, and countless blister was worth it! Why? Because they all led her to that starting line on marathon day. And guess what? The Galloway's team was beside her, supporting her every step of the way. Cheering her on, our fundraising team provided tips and the kind of encouragement that made all the difference. But here's the best part: the amazing people who sponsored Hasanga. Their generosity blew her away!

"Their incredible support didn't just help me reach my fundraising targets; it also touched my heart in the most amazing way. Knowing they truly believed in our cause meant the world to me."

As Hasanga set off on her 26.2-mile adventure, the crowd's energy and the supporters' cheers motivated her and fuelled her determination to keep pushing forward.

Talk about an emotional boost...!

With her family by her side, Hasanga ran with all her heart, knowing she was making a real difference in the lives of those we help.

"Crossing that finish line, a whirlwind of emotions rushed through me - pure joy, immense pride, and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. It was a moment that will forever stay with me, reminding me of what I'm capable of when I push myself beyond limits."

Exhausted but exhilarated, Hasanga couldn't hold back the emotions. The sense of accomplishment and pride in what she had achieved was indescribable. She had not only conquered the marathon but also conquered any doubts she had about her own strength.

Hasanga wants you to experience this fantastic journey for yourself. She encourages you to join Galloway's 2024 running team because she knows first-hand the life-changing impact it can have. It's not just about running a race—it's about becoming part of a community, pushing your limits, and knowing that you're making a real difference in the lives of local people affected by sight loss.

For more information, call our friendly fundraising team on 01772 744148 or email Or click the link below now.

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