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Painting a brighter future

Rebecca was heartbroken when her dream of studying a degree in art slipped away...

My Story...

The 29-year-old was due to start her art degree when she began to experience health issues related to her Type 1 Diabetes.


Rebecca says “I was absolutely heartbroken. I didn’t know if I would ever be able to draw again. I had to put my art to one side as my life became occupied with eye surgeries that were not effective. Adjusting to life as a blind person was frustrating and upsetting. I lost my independence and became confined to the four walls of my house. I eventually declined my art degree course offer. I desperately missed being creative but just couldn’t bring myself to try as I didn’t want to be disappointed in the end result.”


Over time Rebecca slowly started to regain her confidence. She began to go for days out with Galloway’s and took part in social groups. Eventually she decided to start drawing again and designed a Christmas card to raise funds for Galloway’s.


She says: "I knew I couldn’t go back to drawing in the same way I did before and that I had to find new ways. Each time I tried I learnt something new and slowly rediscovered my love of art. Galloway’s has also been brilliant at giving me advice around equipment. I attended the Living with Sight Loss course. We had a few laughs with the others and I learnt about practical things that might help me, such as how to get around on public transport and things like bump-ons and all the gadgets. I suppose one of the most important ways I have been helped at Galloway’s is through emotional support and advice. I had a lot of close conversations with Glen about my eye and the pain I was in. He really helped me to make some positive decisions for the future.”

£40 could pay for a place on our Living with Sight Loss course for someone like Rebecca, helping them to live a as full and as independent a life as is possible

Just £40.

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