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will writing support service

We believe that everyone should have equal and fair access to managing their own money and affairs, despite living with a sight loss condition.​

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​Our Will Writing Support Service is here to ensure that people living with sight loss can receive the right advice and best service when making their Will, knowing that their solicitor is equipped with the skills to be able to assist them in the best way possible. ​

​ Galloway's will work closely with these law firms to ensure they are provided with as much knowledge and support as they require to provide you with a specialised service tailored to meet your needs. Each firm will complete Visual Awareness training through Galloway's and be provided with a Visual Aid Kit.

How does the will support service work?

I already have a will, can you still help?

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How can I find out more about the service?

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Is there a charge for your help?

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Finding a Solicitor

Offices throughout the North West

Birchall Blackburn Solicitors

We will help you write a will that ensures what you leave goes to those you want it to. We are also able to offer legal expertise for Lasting Power of Attorney, Probate and Court of Protection.

January 14, 2017

Farley's Solicitors

We think all people should be able to easily access legal services in a way that is suitable for their needs and thus the thought that we can assist in that process for the visually impaired gives us a great satisfaction.

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