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> bright for sight.

Can you go Bright for Sight this year? Bright for Sight is a simple and fun way to support Galloway’s and help us to continue our work with local blind and partially sighted people.

There are many ways you and your workplace, school, club or even friends and family can get involved in Bright for Sight: Whatever you choose to do, we’ll be there to support you along the way. To order your Bright for Sight Fundraising Pack please contact the Fundraising Team on 01772 744148.  Or contact Georgia via the link below to find out more . We would love to hear from you.


Everyone pays £1  to come to work dressed in bright colours


Why not hold a Bright Bake Sale with all your friends or work colleagues


Get creative and see who can paint or colour in the brightest picture


Hold a party with bright cups, drinks, food, lights and a bright raffle!

£30 could pay for a specialist advice session identifying vital equipment to assist daily living and independence
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