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With Galloways by your side, you will feel empowered to embrace challenges, set goals, and thrive in every aspect of your life, regardless of your visual impairment. 


Discover a world of possibilities as we delve into the empowering section of 'Thriving in Every Aspect.'

This section is dedicated to equipping individuals with sight loss with practical tips, strategies, and plenty of inspiration to excel in all areas of life, from education to hobbies and personal growth.

Whether you are seeking guidance to overcome challenges in your academic pursuits, exploring career opportunities, discovering adaptive techniques to follow your passions, or embarking on a journey of personal development, this section has it all. 

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Experience the power of assistive technology, which empowers you with newfound independence and unlimited access to information. With the use of advanced screen readers, magnifiers, and cutting-edge technologies, you can now confidently engage in activities that were once daunting. Discover the freedom to browse the web, delve into books, manage your finances, and even participate in sports with ease.


Apple stands out in the tech world because it's committed to making technology accessible, giving it a competitive edge. They really care about inclusivity, designing products and services for all kinds of users, including those with sight loss. Apple goes the extra mile with cool features like VoiceOver, which is a built-in screen reader, and magnification options. These awesome features help people with visual impairments easily use and enjoy their Apple devices, making the whole experience smooth and seamless.

In close partnership with Opletec, a trusted provider of products that are designed to enhance various aspects of life. These products empower individuals to stay connected with loved ones, excel in education and the workplace, and continue to indulge in their favourite hobbies. Every month we will feature three products on this site...

Assistive Technology.

AssistiveTech Section

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Get Actio Section

How we can help

Engaging in physical activities contributes to your overall well-being and plays a crucial role in managing and coping with sight loss. Regular exercise can enhance physical strength, improve balance and coordination, and boost mental resilience.

Meet James, the driving force behind our Get Active service with a passion for promoting an active lifestyle, James is dedicated to helping you discover new ways to stay fit, healthy, and energised, regardless of any sight challenges you may face. 

Learn more about our dedicated "Get Active" service, designed to support and guide you on your journey to an active lifestyle.

To discover a wide range of inclusive activities and sports suitable for individuals with sight loss, we recommend visiting the British Blind Sport Activity Finder. Whether you're seeking new challenges, looking to improve your health, or simply eager to meet new people, we hope this resource will be invaluable to you.


Get Active.

Our charity program is all about fun, learning, and connecting. It's a fantastic chance to meet new people, learn new skills,  maintain your hobbies, or explore new ones, alongside others who understand the challenges of sight loss. With Galloway's Connects, you'll find a supportive community where you can socialise, pursue your passions, and create lasting memories.

Galloway's Connect.

Galloway's Connect

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