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Connect with a supportive network where individuals come together to inspire, learn, and grow. 



We understand that the journey of living with sight loss can sometimes feel isolating, but by coming together, sharing experiences, and supporting one another, we can create a vibrant and inclusive community. 

In this section, "Connecting Communities," we recognise the importance of building strong networks and supportive communities for those navigating the challenges of sight loss.

Whether you're seeking advice, friendship, or simply a place to belong, explore this section and join us in building a community where everyone feels heard, valued, and empowered. 

By connecting with peers facing similar challenges, you may find

comfort, understanding, and valuable insights to navigate your journey with greater confidence and resilience making your journey with sight loss a little easier. 

Imagine being able to share your experiences, fears, and  achievements with others who truly "get it." They understand the frustrations, the daily hurdles, and the moments of triumph that come with visual impairment. They can offer practical tips on everything from getting around to using adaptive technology and provide the emotional support you need during tough times. But it's not just about advice and empathy.

By connecting with peers, you'll gain fresh perspectives on your own situation, you'll learn about resources and services that you may not have known existed. Most importantly, you'll witness the incredible resilience and determination of others facing similar challenges, and that will inspire you to tackle your own challenges with newfound confidence. 


Together, you and your peers can empower each other to embrace life with optimism, overcome any hurdles, and prove that sight loss does not define your potential.


Come join us and connect with local individuals who, like you, are affected by sight loss. Socialise, have fun, and meet your peers in a warm and welcoming environment.

Peer Support.

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Sign up to ‘Galloway’s Connects’ and find out more about our support groups.

How we can help

When a family member or friend experiences vision loss, it can be difficult for everyone involved. We understand that you want to offer support and care, while also maintaining your loved one's independence and quality of life. Our resources are here to provide guidance on how you can assist your loved one, as well as offer support for you as a caregiver. From practical tips to emotional support, we're here to help you and your loved ones navigate this journey together.


Just be there for your friend or loved one, ready to listen and engage in open conversations. Let them know that you're there to lend a supportive ear and reassure them that they're not alone in their journey. 

Access Professional Support.

Although you may want to help your loved one in any way possible, it's important to understand that everyone's experience with sight loss is different. There may be situations where seeking advice and support from an expert is the best option for your loved one

Avoid smoking.

Smoking increases the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. Quitting or avoiding smoking altogether can significantly benefit your eye health.

Support For
Loved Ones.

Check out this selection of helpful books: 

Need some help? 

We’re here to support you.

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