Join us in Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2018 #GAAD

It’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day #GAAD, on Thursday 17th May.  Galloway’s are asking their local community to get involved in this world-wide initiative by contributing to the digital accessibility effort.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day aims to get as many people talking, thinking and learning about digital access and inclusion for people with different disabilities.

Technology  really can make the world of difference for people living with sight loss, often using it as “a window to the world”.

There are various ways you can support the day. It can be something small or something on a bigger scale. Anything you do will make a difference to digital inclusion for local blind and partially sighted people.

Here are some suggestions of how YOU can make a difference and support Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2018:

  • Enlarge your font size for the day – at Galloway’s, the standard font size in all outgoing communications (including letters, emails and our website) is Arial 14.
  • #MakeSureYouCapatliseEachWord on a tweet – this makes it more readable for those using screen readers.
  • Change your settings on Twitter to compose image descriptions. Simply click on settings, accessibility and turn on “compose image descriptions”.  This will give an audio description on all the images.
  • Ask your workplace what they do to provide accessible formats of communications and what minimum standards they have in place – point them to this website.
  • Surf the web with a screen reader for an hour. There are some great free resources.
  • Test the accessibility of your or your company’s website. Click here to use this great free resource.

We want to hear from you! Let us know how you are supporting Global Accessibility Awareness Day by sharing your experiences with us.

We want to know how you found your experience of digital accessibility and how we can support our community in being more accessible to local blind and partially sighted people.

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We’ll be sharing peoples experiences throughout the day. For more information, please call us on 01772 744148 or email us at

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