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Halima's heartwarming fundraiser for Galloways...

Halima, a young supporter of Galloway's, recently organised a fundraiser that left a lasting impact. Inspired by the support her father received from Galloway's, Halima alongside her mother, whipped up a batch of delicious samosas to sell at her school.

The response was nothing short of incredible. Halima's peers and school staff enjoyed the delicious samosas and recognised the thought and kindness that went into her fundraiser. Halima raised a fantastic £83.26 contributing directly to Galloway's ongoing mission to provide essential support to people affected by sight loss.

Chelsea Crossey - Communications Manager, said, "Halima's act of kindness and dedication is a lovely reminder that age doesn't stop anyone from making a real impact. Her genuine commitment to making a positive difference is both heartwarming and inspiring. Thank you Halima for being such a superstar and supporting local people living with sight loss."

Inspired by Halima's fundraiser for Galloway's? You can make a difference too! Whether you're a master baker, a crafty creator, or you've got a wild and wacky idea, our fundraising team would love to hear from you. For more information call 01772 744148 or email

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