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How a lockdown hobby is raising money for Galloway's in memory of a much loved dad and grandad

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Frances is sat by a large window. On the desk are 5 upright paintings, including a flamingo, a person and a stag
Frances Hamer with her paintings

A woman who took up painting to pass the time during lockdown is selling her art work to support blind and partially sighted people in memory of her dad.

Frances Hamer has so far raised £400 for sight loss charity Galloway’s, which provided useful aids and equipment to enable her dad, William Taylor, who had macular degeneration, to lead an independent life.

The father-of-two from Farington, who had four grandchildren and four great grandchildren, regularly supported the charity by collecting money in Preston city centre. When he died last October aged 95, a collection for Galloway’s was held in his honour.

During the New Year lockdown, Frances taught herself how to paint using watercolours and as friends expressed an interest in buying her work, she set up a Facebook page to raise money for Galloway’s.

The 54-year-old, who lives in Frodsham, said: “During the most recent lockdown I wanted to learn something new and be creative. My partner bought me some watercolour paints and I just started trying things out in January. I realised I was doing it fairly well and thought it would be a nice idea to raise money in memory of my dad.

Frances and William are looking at each other and laughing
Frances with her dad, Wiliam

“I have sold more than 20 paintings so far. I don’t do commissions to keep it all low key and simple. I am happy just to paint something and see if anyone wants to buy it.

“My dad was a big supporter of Galloway’s and I thought it would be nice to keep his memory alive and give something back. I remember him collecting for Galloway’s in Preston city centre in all weathers, up until his health meant he could no longer do it.

“He really appreciated the support Galloway’s gave him as it allowed him to be independent. He bought a lot of equipment and useful aids from the charity, such as magnifiers, a talking microwave and he enjoyed getting the Talking News.”

Frances, who has two children and three step children, added she would love to host an art exhibition for Galloway’s in the future.

She said: “My idea next year is to hold a gallery sale with other artists of different crafts and mediums and raise money for Galloway’s. I just want to give something back.”

To buy one of Frances’ paintings and to make a donation, visit

Georgia Murphy, Fundraiser at Galloway’s, said: “On behalf of everyone at Galloway’s, I would like to thank Frances for raising money in loving memory of her father William. We are always extremely grateful to be remembered for the work we do and it is so lovely to hear how we helped William. Frances’ art work looks absolutely amazing and we wish her all the best in selling them.

“Through Frances’ kind generosity, we can continue to empower local visually impaired people to live independently.”

If you would like to support Galloway’s and raise money, email or call 01772 744148. For more ideas on what you can do, click here.

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