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Galloways Club 1867- Where business meets charity

We're thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our history. Welcoming our first 20 members to 'Club 1867,' a newly established business club.

The name 'Club 1867' holds a special significance, as it marks the year of Galloways founding, celebrating 156 years of dedicated service and a commitment to making a positive difference. With four membership levels available, including an affordable £156 basic tier, 'Club 1867' invites companies of all sizes to join their new network.

What sets 'Club 1867' apart is their commitment to sustainability and celebrating our charitable journey. The basic membership fee will increase each year as a symbolic way to mark the charity's growth, ensuring the network remains sustainable and giving members a sense of pride in contributing to a growing legacy of positive impact.

Club 1867 promises to be more than just a business club. It will provide a vibrant and welcoming space for local businesses and organisations to collaborate, network, and discover opportunities to make a meaningful difference across Lancashire and Sefton.

Iain Pearson CEO of Galloways said “Local businesses are part of the fabric of Galloways and have played a crucial role in the charity’s history spanning 156 years. Edwin Henry Booth, founder of Booths Supermarket, served as a trustee in the Victorian Era and to this day, the Booth family continue to support Galloways alongside many other community-minded businesses. The Galloways 1867 Club has been created to build on this heritage and aspires to engage with purposefully driven businesses who wish to support the charity’s cause of helping local blind and partially sighted people. I am pleased to say, its off to a fantastic start…

Kelly Love Corporate Fundraiser said, 'I am excited to be part of this new chapter for Galloways and look forward to expanding 'Club 1867' with like-minded organisations and individuals who share a passion for making a difference and creating a brighter future for our community.'

For more information on Galloway's and the various support services available, or to learn how you can get involved or make a contribution, please visit or call 01772 744148

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