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Build Back Better Discovery: Feedback from people who use our services

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Photo shows a young  woman wearing a red hooded top talking to an older man and an older woman. They are sat on a sofa by a table with two Galloway's mugs
A stock Galloway's photo, taken before lockdown. It is not an indication of who took part in the survey

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed towards the discovery phase of our Build Back Better project. We really do value what you have to say, as it will help us shape our future.

As part of the consultation, we have spoken to a large number of blind and partially sighted people who have accessed our services. This has been through one-to-one conversations, online surveys and a group discussion during one of our technology Zoom sessions.

Here is just a selection of some of their comments:

"Galloway’s showed me how to use my phone and tablet. I took to it straight away. I also use Alexa. In lockdown I went on to YouTube and asked my tablet to play my favourite country and western tracks. I recorded them and now have 300 songs stored on my tablet ready for when I want a sing along."

(Diane, 79)

"I receive Galloway’s What’s Going On Guide and there was an article about cancelled eye clinic appointments that encouraged us to call our GP if we had any concerns. My eyesight has deteriorated quickly over last few months and my hospital cancelled my appointment. I followed Galloway’s advice and called my GP. I got transferred to a different hospital which is closer and now have a cataract operation booked. This is all because of the newsletter from Galloway’s!"

(Diane, 79)

"The time that I most needed support was when I got an eye test by chance because I went with my friend. I got referred to the hospital for treatment and I had no idea there was anything wrong. People need to understand how important an eye test is."

(Diane, 79)

"It’s all so new to me and I really don’t know anything about it at the moment. I didn’t hear about Galloway’s at the hospital. I think you should advertise in diabetes clinics. I am waiting to see equipment at Morecambe."

(Someone who lost their sight recently)

"I lost contact with Galloway’s after I had a stroke some years ago. I recently met the ECLO when I went for a check-up at the eye clinic and he put me in back touch. It’s been especially useful to learn about different eye conditions and get help with my computer."

(Lesley, 51)

"The thing that would make the biggest difference to me is help to get out and about when it is safe to do so."

(Patrick, 50)

"Until people’s eyesight starts going, they don’t even think about it. I didn't! My friend recommended Galloway's and this made me visit Galloway’s in Chorley. Everyone was really helpful. I was really impressed with what is available."


"When I was younger no one know much about my condition (nystagmus). I would have liked help at school but was unheard of. I wish I had known more about it earlier in my life."

(Paula, 47)

"The time that I most needed support was after diagnosis. It was a big shock to be told not drive. The mixture of emotional and practical support from Galloway’s was helpful. I didn’t know anyone else with a visual impairment and I was struggling with my phone. Galloway’s showed me how to use it. This was amazing – I had no idea it was possible for me to still use my phone."

(Paula, 47)

For feedback from family members and carers of blind and partially sighted people, click here:

To watch and listen to our videos of feedback from trustees and people who use our services, visit:

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